Do You Have Any Claim?

In case of an accident,
everything’s OK with HDI SİGORTA

If you had an accident, firstly, sorry to hear what happened. Don’t worry, we are here to support you.

If you have an accident with your car or you have been involved in an accident, you can first of all call us on 0 850 222 8 434 or you can get details about our Contract Service Shops by specifying your search criteria..

Our Contract Service Shops

Fast Support

Fast Support Service is a comprehensive damage service offered to you to facilitate the processes during and after the accident.

If you have had an accident with your vehicle or you have been involved in an accident, first of all, you can call our HDI Sigorta EASY LINE number 0 850 222 8 434 to get detailed information about our Fast Support Services and benefit from our entire service package.


What are the Advantages of Fast Support Service?

Protection of the
no-claim discount
Exclusive to Extended Motor Insurance, unlimited replacement vehicle
during the repair period
2-year warranty
after repair
Polishing and cleaning
after repair
Valet support to *
accident site
Repair with
original spare parts
Battery and tire discounts in
contract service shops
Vehicle checkup service

* Service is provided only in Istanbul.

What Does Fast Support Service Include?

  • It informs and directs you about what to do in case of an accident.
  • If you need a valet or tow truck, it organizes this for you.
  • If the accident happened in Istanbul, our expert team will come to the accident site with a motorcycle and assist you in procedures such as filling the accident report and taking accident photos.
  • It allows your vehicle to be taken to the nearest one from 100 Fast Support Services we have contracted across Turkey.
  • A replacement vehicle will be allocated to you during the repair period of your vehicle and this vehicle will be delivered to you.
  • Moreover, these accident expenses do not spoil the No Damage Discount, and you can renew your insurance in the next year at affordable prices.
Satisfaction Rate of Our Customers Using Our Fast Support Service

Fast Support

Fast Support Stations are a Solution Station established by HDI Sigorta to facilitate all processes carried out during and after an accident to its customers, and managed by HDI Sigorta's own employees.

If you have an accident with your car or you have been involved in an accident, you can first of all call us or come to our Fast Support Stations and benefit from our full service package.

HDS Sahrayıcedit Station
0850 222 8 434 Kolay Hat
Sahrayıcedit Mahallesi, Batman Sokak, HDI Sigorta Binası, No:6 34734
Kadıköy / istanbul
HDS Zeytinburnu Station
0850 222 8 434 Kolay Hat
Seyitnizam Mahallesi, Mevlana Caddesi, Necmettin Aytek Plaza
Kapı: 77/0, Bağımsız Bölüm No: 15, Zeytinburnu 34015 İstanbul