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Scope of Coverage for

State Supported Animal Life Insurance

  • Animal Diseases
  • Any kind of natural disasters
  • Poisonous meadow grasses
  • Poisoning caused by fodder
  • Fire or explosion
  • Abortion
  • Sunstroke
  • Ingestion of hard and piercing objects
  • Theft

Conditions excluding State Supported Animal Life Insurance covers

  • Mandatory infectious diseases including rinderpest, tuberculosis, brucellosis, caprine pleuro-pneumonia, foot and mouth disease and BSE
  • Disappearance and displacement
  • Deaths, killing and obligatory slaughter from racing, game or endurance trials
  • RPT and related diseases in case magnets are not swallowed on the breeders and dairy cattle to be insured
  • Deaths, killing and obligatory slaughter as a result of diseases that may occur due to not having the vaccines in the specified vaccination program, not complying with quarantine measures and not taking the necessary measures.
  • Death, killing and obligatory slaughter from these diseases if internal and external parasite protection is not carried out
  • Death, killing, obligatory slaughter due to injuries determined to occur before the policy commencement date and any kind of diseases related to hereditary anomalies and abortion damages
  • Animals without identification and without ear tags
  • Death, killing, obligatory slaughter, abortion and offspring deaths due to diseases that occur within two weeks (14 days) from the policy commencement date
  • When infectious diseases occur in insured animals, if not approved by the experts, the deaths, killing or obligatory slaughter due to the decisions to be taken by the animal owner regarding the condition of the animals subject to contagion
  • Death, killing and obligatory slaughter resulting from performing interventions on the insured animal as a result of the decisions taken by the public authority