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Coverage for

Extended Motor Insurance for Written-Off Car

After the repair of your car, which was written off as a result of a major accident, we offer you the motor insurance opportunity to continue driving safely.

  • Vehicle collision, impact by insured vehicle, burning
  • Theft
  • Strike, lockout, riot, civil commotion and terrorism
  • Earthquake and other natural catastrophes
  • Flood and flash flood
  • Damages caused by contact with cigarettes and similar substances
  • Seat Personal Accident Cover
  • Vehicle towing by an unlicensed tow trucker
  • Theft of the vehicle by using the original key of it
  • Facultative liability cover

Assistance Services with
Extended Motor Insurance for Written-Off Car

  • Towing and Rescue Services
  • Replacement Car Service
Other Services and Covers of Extended Motor Insurance for Written-Off Car

We are always at your side with the advantages of Extended Motor Policy for Written-Off Car for possible damages to your repaired written-off vehicle.