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What Is


With Fan’s Mobile Phone Insurance,the insurance that considers both your mobile and your team, you can secure your mobile phone against all failures and breaks, and leave the possible costs to us. Moreover, you can support your team with every insurance you take out.

It is our insurance product that secures their devices against breaks and damage that may occur in mobile phones, special for team fans.

What is Covered by Mobile Phone Insurance?

Our Fan’s Mobile Phone Insurance product provides protection against the following risks

Covers Standard Benefit Mobile Insurance
Accidental Damage
Cracked Screen
Damage due to High Voltage
Liquid Contact
Incorrect Accessory Use
Theft *
Pert **
*In the event that the device is stolen from the closed environment (from your home, workplace or locked vehicle) as a result of the theft by force, the same brand and model equivalent device will be sent to you after collection of the exemption amount of 30% of the current value of the second hand.
**In the event that your mobile phone will become unusable as a result of damage, the same brand and model equivalent device will be sent to you after the repair is not possible by the authorized service, that is, if a full damage report is given for the device, after the exemption fee of 30% of the second-hand market value is collected.
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